Aircraft & Vessel Registration

The choice of jurisdiction, its regulations and fiscal liabilities prevail and become crucial while purchasing assets of high-end value like yachts, helicopters and aircrafts.

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Benefits 0f Choosing Mauritius



No capital gains tax

All shipping income is tax exempt

No estate duty

No tax on dividends and interest

For aircrafts: 100% accelerated depreciation rate in the first year of operation

No tax on salaries to the crew unless crew members are domiciled in Mauritius, whereby income tax would be at 15%


No tax on salaries to the crew unless crew members are domiciled in Mauritius, whereby income tax would be at 15%.

Developed, democratic and politically stable country. Efficient legal, banking and accounting service sectors, extended telecommunications network and highly educated, multilingual staff

Modern ports and a new, high standard, exclusive marina for yachts

Membership of Mauritius in major international conventions on: -Maritime safety, prevention of pollution and training and certification of seafarers

Civil aviation organisation, international recognition of rights in aircraft and enforcement of foreign arbitration

No need to be personally present for the registration or for vessel to be physically in Mauritius when registering.

Registration of ship under construction or registered in other jurisdictions is possible

Non Fiscal

Benefits 0f Choosing JurisTax

We have the skills and expertise to guide yacht and aircraft owners, captains and brokers throughout the intricacies of the Mauritius legislation and provide clear advice to ensure trouble free ownership of the assets.

We provide the following services to guarantee the operated yachts and aircrafts comply with the local regulations:

  • Assessment of client strategy and making sure the right solution is offered

  • Offering an accurate structure that responds to the wishes and requirements of the client

  • Assistance with registration and representing the client interests in the governmental authorities

  • Assistance throughout the whole process of licensing and incorporation of a company

  • Executing daily administrative, secretarial and management duties of the company

  • Provide accounting, tax return filling and VAT compliance services to the company

  • Assistance in acquiring work and occupation permits for the captain, crew and employees

We also provide ongoing guidance and advice on further possible opportunities of company usage including holding property and doing business amongst others.

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