Corporate Services in Mauritius

Company ongoing maintenance is crucial for running a business after the initial incorporation.

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Company Secretarial and Administration Services
Accounting &
Bookkeeping services
Legal &

Company Secretarial & Administration Services

In Mauritius, all the companies holding Global Business License are required by law to appoint a company secretary. Domestic companies however are free to choose this option. Though it is worth mentioning that having a corporate secretary like JurisTax will help to structure company’s operations, comply with the legislation and provide all the necessary tools and information to shareholders and directors enabling them to concentrate on the core business.

The main secretarial and administrative duties of JurisTax are as follows:
  • Provision of registered office, registered agent, company secretary, local or non-resident directors, nominee shareholders

  • Organising, holding the Board meetings and Annual General Meetings and drafting minutes of those meetings.

  • Ensuring the proper maintenance of company statutory records and the registers and compliance with such acts and regulations as may be applicable for the Company.

  • Full administrative services including bank account opening, asset purchase and sale transactions, insurance policies, invoicing, income collection, day-to-day administration and general representation

Compliance & Legal Services

In order to stay on the top of its performance a company should as well take into account its compliance and legal risk control functions that are significant to daily business operations. Mauritian law and regulations develop and change rapidly, therefore our clients need to be promptly aware of the new legislation affecting their business and comply with them to avoid paying fines and penalties.

Our Services

  • Analysis of existing policies and procedures to ensure industry best practice.

  • Advice and support on corporate governance and internal controls

  • Compilation of constitutional documents for our clients

  • General regulatory due diligence check on the key areas of client’s business and its regulated activities

  • Compliance risk identification

  • Assistance in acquiring the needed litigation and arbitration resources

  • FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) Services

Set up corporate services in Mauritius

Accounting & Bookkeeping services

All companies in Mauritius are required to keep an updated book of the accounting records. In this regard, it is beneficial for the company to appoint a trustworthy accounting professional to maintain an account keeping system. The accounting services at JurisTax are furnished to all business sizes and segments, including, small and medium enterprises to big, national and international organizations.

JurisTax offers a lot more than just preparing periodic financial reports. We incorporate the latest software, most recent updates and the best practices of the world of accounting.

Corporate Services offered by JurisTax.

Our Services

  • Setting up of appropriate accounting systems

  • Maintenance of accounting books and records

  • Preparation of monthly, periodic and annual statutory financial statements

  • Management accounting

  • Treasury services

  • Payroll processing

Taxation Services

Each client has his unique business nature and requirements, therefore JurisTax corporate taxation services are greatly considerate as they are based on a full understanding of the client's needs. Our qualified tax and accounting team works closely with the clients understanding their goals and future plans and helping the business to establish efficient tax planning strategy in Mauritius.

Taxation Services

Our Services

  • Advice on corporate international tax planning

  • Tax compliance services for local authorities

  • Advice on tax effects of inter-company transactions

  • Assistance with personal tax planning in Mauritius

  • Electronic filing of statutory returns through the online system MNS

  • Preparation and submission of VAT returns

  • Exit Tax Services

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