National Budget 2018-2019


The National Budget 2018-2019 of the Republic of Mauritius has been presented on the 14th of June 2018.

The Budget 2018-19 has been presented as one that is about pursuing a transformative journey of the New Era of Development of the Government. A journey on which the Government's achievements shall not only be measured by the amount of wealth and jobs created but about inclusiveness and sustainability - mapped out in a spirit of unity.

Mauritius' economic performance has been praised by Moody’s and the IMF, according to the Minister, as being strong and resilient. The Government expects this Budget to build on a robust momentum to position Mauritius as a dynamic economy for the future.

7 Pathways have been charted and new poles of economic growth are being created to attain the status of an Inclusive High-Income country based on innovation and sustainable value-creation.

1. Youth & their future - Developing a comprehensive approach to equip them with the right set of skills and values to integrate the labour market of now and tomorrow.

2. Driven by innovation - Creating new opportunities for private investment and job creation by accelerating the country’s move to an age of digitisation through Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain technologies and Fintech.

3. New wave of import substitution industry and revive export-led production.

4. Strategic and modern infrastructure that is essential for an economy aiming to achieve high-income status.

5. Sustainable development – Making significant investment to protect and enhance our environment.

6. Lifting the standard and quality of life of the population by investing in health, sports, education, and most importantly, ensuring that all families have a decent dwelling.

7. Uphold public responsibility to create an inclusive and caring society – Consolidating the welfare system, enhance the role and participation of women and strengthen support to the elderly.

This will be done by ensuring strong and stable macroeconomic fundamentals and sound public finances.

We invite you to read more about the Budgetary measures in our Budget Special: